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What's the future for delivery and online ordering in 2021?

Just as everyone was making their predictions for 2020 this time last year, a certain black swan event came along and caused a bit of a stir.
The pandemic accelerated the inevitable march towards more tech in every area of the restaurant – something people were predicting.

7 Tips to Attract Hungry Diners to Your Restaurant’s Delivery Service

The entire hospitality industry lives and breathes marketing, but restaurants are particularly dependent on promo activities. Restaurant marketing comes in many forms and you are probably using several methods already to help popularize your outlet. But is there a way to attract customers specifically to your restaurant’s delivery service?

The Forgotten Generation: How Restaurants Can Attract & Retain Gen X Staff

Much is made of the importance of catering to the two rising generations of workers -- Millennials and Generation Z -- but we cannot forget the significant portion of the restaurant industry work force that hales from Generation X (people born between 1965-1980).

4 Ways to Better Read Your Restaurant’s Guests to Earn Higher Tips

Tips are the life source of income for restaurant servers, but getting enough tips out of guests isn’t always easy. Even if you employ the common hacks of dressing well, being polite and friendly, writing thank you notes on the check, and providing an unforgettable experience, can still lead to basic or subpar tipping. But if you’re hitting all those checkboxes, what could be the problem?

Third-party delivery

Third-party delivery is showing signs of a slowdown. Industry data is showing that third-party delivery is experiencing less favorable customer reviews. It makes sense. The pandemic has forced them to just drop the bag or pizza on the mat at the front door, eroding any semblance of service.

Customer surveys are revealing that the customer is becoming more aware of the service-fee gouging absorbed by the restaurant. As customers see their favorite local restaurants close the doors, they have become increasingly aware of what they can do to support their restaurant community. The surveys show that customers rate curbside and pick-up as more favorable.

There is an opportunity to move customers off the third-party platforms and order directly with the restaurant. In other words, the restaurant's goal is to outperform the third-party companies in the digital experience and the customer experience.

This is a good place to add that a solid loyalty program is a must. It doesn't have to be fancy. It just needs to be seamless, easy to sign up, and easy to redeem the rewards.